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Designing the Perfect Sunroom

Designing the Perfect Sunroom | Christian Brothers Flooring & Interiors

As we do our best to stay toasty and withstand the cold winter weather months, now is the perfect time to prepare for enjoying the warmer spring and summer months to the fullest. A sunroom is a perfect space in the home to relax, unwind, and find tranquility with a…

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10 Modern Area Rugs to Enhance any Space

10 Modern Area Rugs to Enhance any Space | Christian Brothers Flooring & Interiors

Emphasizing clean lines, precision, form, and function, a modern home design scheme makes rooms feel spacious and full of purpose. Although modern design relies less on traditional and decorative pieces, you can still add warmth, softness, and comfort through the addition of savvy and stylish area rugs. In fact, our…

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New Year New Floors Sale

New Year New Floors Sale | Christian Brothers Flooring & Interiors

Every year when the new calendar begins on January 1st, we take a moment to reflect on all of our goals for the upcoming year and use the excitement of the months ahead to fuel our progress towards achieving ambitious New Year’s resolutions. After an unforgettable year like 2020, we…

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