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Icon | Christian Brothers Flooring & Interiors

BIA of San Diego Icon Award
Recipient for 2023

Finish Trade Contractor of the Year

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Helping Homebuilders Sell More New Homes


Understanding Finished
Home Design

• Offer finished homes: healthy, fit & fashionable
• Give homebuyers what they want: personalization
• Increase homebuyer participation: set and meet expectations
• CBI helps transform homebuilders into New Home Retailers

Creating Trust

• Partner with agents, construction,
  and customer service professionals for team training
• Provide shoppers a guest passcode for options online
• Pre-planning: meet about concerns and set right expectations
• Manage homebuyer through personalization process
  within construction schedule
• Improve homebuying and homeownership experience

Full-Service Personalization
for Homebuyers

Homebuyer will plan and be asked to…

• Gather inspiration: photos, samples and ideas
• Meet with designer at model for
  walk-through and sharing ideas
• Explore options online in Studio Chateau
• Create a “Wish List” in Studio Chateau
• Meet with designer at least 4 times to create
  Finished Home Design Plan on schedule
• Make selections based on personal taste and lifestyle
• Understand Finished Home Design Plan and complete it
• Make new home a story to tell that will improve
  homebuilder’s brand and generate referrals

From Traditional Homebuilder
to New Home Retailer

• Market homes in attractive way to differentiate
• Choose connected home solution:
Elan New Home Program
• Smart systems working together easily
managed with single app on phone
• Lights, shades, climate, audio, video, music,
access, security, surveillance, irrigation, and pool
• Rely on Elan for flexibility, simplicity, and
reliability as future-ready solution
• Offer technology solutions only possible with new home
• Allow homebuyers to personalize with lifestyle
enhancement packages
• Benefit from CBI’s warranty and customer service

CBI Today & Tomorrow

• After move-in, designers meet homeowners
  for their Finished Home Design Move-in Experience
  to walk home, assure satisfaction, talk design, and learn
  about CBI’s continued services
• CBI assists in securing positive Homebuyer Surveys

CBI helps build personalized, connected homes on schedule.

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back to the technology—not the other way around.” – Steve Jobs

We agree. CBI starts with the homeownership experience and works back to a Finished Home Design reflecting the homebuyer’s personal style. 

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