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Mohawk Aura Shell Creek 1279-010


Shell Creek

Product Attributes

Collection Aura
Color Shell Creek
Shape Roll
Width 12',15'

Color Variations

Mohawk Aura Atlantic Shoreline 1279-21
Atlantic Shoreline
Mohawk Aura Climbing Rose 1279-012
Climbing Rose
Mohawk Aura Covered Bridge 1279-22
Covered Bridge
Mohawk Aura Estate Limestone 1279-18
Estate Limestone
Mohawk Aura February Frost 1279-17
February Frost
Mohawk Aura Garden Red 1279-011
Garden Red
Mohawk Aura Glacial Rock 1279-27
Glacial Rock
Mohawk Aura Pacific Bluffs 1279-014
Pacific Bluffs
Mohawk Aura Pediment Gray 1279-26
Pediment Gray
Mohawk Aura Powdered Brick 1279-20
Powdered Brick
Mohawk Aura Rainbow Buff 1279-19
Rainbow Buff
Mohawk Aura Shell Creek 1279-010
Shell Creek
Mohawk Aura Southampton Blue 1279-013
Southampton Blue
Mohawk Aura Stepping Stone 1279-25
Stepping Stone
Mohawk Aura Teal Jewel 1279-016
Teal Jewel
Mohawk Aura Tortoiseshell 1279-23
Mohawk Aura Yosemite Range 1279-24
Yosemite Range
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