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Why hardwood?

Hardwood flooring has been in homes for centuries, and it remains as popular today as ever. A stylish and versatile solution, hardwood flooring features natural strength and beauty. Each plank has individual grains and knots that make your floor a truly unique piece of art. With proper care, the character and charm of a natural hardwood floor will last for many decades.

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Hardwood Grading

Hardwood Grading

Hardwood can be sorted by the natural hardness of the species of wood used. This is known as its grading. Hardwoods stand up to heavy foot traffic, last longer, are typically darker in color, and are also more expensive up front. This includes species such as maple, oak, and walnut. Softwoods are more flexible and are also more prone to dents and scratches. It is lighter in color and less expensive. It includes species such as spruce and pine.

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Solid vs. Engineered

Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood

Solid hardwood is more traditional. This is when each plank is single piece of solid, harvested wood, usually 3/4-inch thick. It can be refinished repeatedly. Engineered hardwood, on the other hand, is manufactured by layering several pieces of wood to form a single plank. This plank will consist of a thin piece of solid hardwood on top of a thick layer of high-quality plywood or some other wood composite. Engineered hardwood cannot be refinished more than once or two before it will need to be replaced entirely.

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What is distressed hardwood?

What is distressed hardwood?

Distressed hardwood is intentionally manufactured with a more antique, naturally worn look, making it resemble reclaimed wood. This is a look that is highly sought after but was not always easy to obtain. Now, thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, it's easy to get distressed wood at lower prices. If you want a rustic look, distressed hardwood is the product for you!

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Do I need underlayment?

Do I need underlayment?

While technically not necessary, underlayment plays a critical role in the health and performance of your hardwood flooring. It evens out subfloor imperfections, it cushions your step while absorbing noise, it insulates your flooring, and it adds moisture resistance—something very beneficial for hardwood!

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