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Fun Ways to Add Fall Color to Your Home

This year, we’ve been spending more time at home with our families while finding ways to keep spirits high. One of the best ways to avoid monotony indoors is to keep your interior design fresh (and refresh when appropriate). With the fall season upon us, the team at Christian Brothers Flooring And Interiors in Lakeside, CA is taking some time to embrace the warm seasonal color palette while celebrating the cooler temperatures to the fullest. Here are some of our favorite fun ways to add some fall color to the home.

Use What You Own

What do you already own or have in your home that speaks to the fall season? Rather than go to your nearest home furnishings store and invest in fall-themed accessories, you can rotate your favorite pieces that subtly highlight the season. From artwork and vases to decorations and even furniture, give items that highlight yellows, reds, browns, oranges, and greens center stage. Anything involving pumpkins will work well in October and November for Halloween and Thanksgiving, while leaf-inspired motifs will fit the entire season perfectly.

Add Appropriate Area Rugs

We’ve always loved area rugs. Adding an area rug is a savvy, low-cost way to indulge in a trendy color or pattern, and fall-themed area rugs add that desired seasonal style. Patterns like plaids and tartans will add engaging interest—keep an eye out for repeating visuals that feature leaves, acorns, or pinecones. Solid or multi-colored rugs that utilize an earthy color palette will add the perfect shades to any room. When you shop our online , it’s easy to find multiple options that will lend plenty of fall color without overwhelming the spaces you’re designing for.

Find Fantastic Fabrics

Along with adding or switching out a rug, swapping out other fabrics will instantly enhance the fall feel in a room. For couches, replace any blankets with fleece or woven throws that incorporate fall colors, leaf patterns, or depictions of the great outdoors. Add a textured earth-toned pillow to your upholstered chair and consider switching out the throw pillows throughout the room for similar varieties. For a dramatic refresh, you can install new drapes with fall colors that will envelop the room in warm spirit.

Incorporate Natural Arrangements

The breathtaking fall season is centered around the amazing transition that takes place in nature as the colors change and leaves fall to the ground. Bring this connection to nature indoors with articles of fall from outside. Something as simple as a large decorative bowl full of dried pine cones will make an attractive table decoration. Decorate with and arrange pumpkins and gourds in multiple colors and you will be ready to celebrate these festive months!

If you have an earth-colored floor like golden or brown hardwood flooring, make sure to pick fall additions that will play off your room’s foundation as well! Visit Christian Brothers Flooring And Interiors in Lakeside, CA for dazzling home inspiration and help finding the perfect rugs for capturing fall fashion.

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